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According to the Byzantine Stephanos, Aphrodisias was founded in the 13 th century B.C. and was called Ninoe.However,archaeological excavations started in 1904 revealed that the first settlement in Aphrodisias stretched far back to the Chalcolithic Age ,araund 4000 B.C. The clearest information about the city is from the 11 th century B.C. historian Appian ,who recorded that Aphrodisias minted silver and bronze coins together with the neighbouring city of plarasa (bingec).Aphrodisias reached its heyday under Roman rule. The city's artisans carved wonderful statues and construction elements from the marbel from the quarries at the foot of Babadag Mountain. They sent their beautiful works all around the Roman Empire and founded an art school famous for its "Aphrodisias style ". As a result of intensive settlement during the Roman period, which lasted for five hundered years, the city dotted with architectural feats of brilliance.During the Byzantine period, Aphrodisias gradually left its sparkling days behind due to religious and political reasons. Destroyed by fires,eartquakes and Sassanid and Arab raids,The city was eventually abandoned.

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